Health Self Help

Health Self Help

American Health Care System

There are a large number of American citizens who have serious concerns about their health care, around 180 million to be exact, and the main worry for anyone seeking work in The United States. The costs of health care in The United States have risen so much that General Motors had looked at filing bankruptcy due to the increasing health care costs dragging down its auto manufacturing division. In this instance some hard Union negotiations, compromises and the closing down of their finance arm GMAC meant this action wasn’t needed.

The American health care system costs a great deal to employers but it is the number one thing that potential workers look for in an employer and has seen many changes in how individuals view working for any given company. The health of the individuals on this planet should be something that is based on prevention rather than cure, a case of being hands-on as apposed to reactive.

Different Healthcare Forms

A nother healthcare form according to The WHO is the one initiated in Italy where a compulsory system of insurance which the government funds, but at a relatively low cost per individual, is used. Other examples are Medicare in Australia, established in the 1970s by the Labor administration, and by the same name Medicare in Canada, established between 19.6 and 1984. These systems are almost opposite to the systems currently provided in American and South Africa although there are huge changes taking place in the system used by South Africa. A health care professional is someone who dedicates their skills to the prevention, treatment and aftercare of disease and illnesses with the intention to preserve and protect life and better the lives of the disabled or infirm.

The healthcare industry is one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing industries generally going through at least ten percent of gross domestic product of most developed nations, health care can form a large part of a country’s economy. The United States has seen some of the largest rises and the figures in 2006 are expected to be the same as 2003 with over 15 percent of GDP - it is currently the largest in the world but the increase by 2016 is expected to be almost 20 percent.

Healthcare Defined

The area of medical care and the prevention, intervention and prevention of illness and disease is collectively known as healthcare. According to The World Health Organization, health care embraces all the goods and services designed to encourage health, including preventive, curative and palliative interventions, whether directed to people or to populations. Working to together this way, the whole medical community would fall under the expression healthcare system.

Early before the phrase health care was common, the English speaking countries called it just plain medicine or more usually the health sector but it still meant the provision of a health service to treat and cure sickness and disease. Most developed and even developing nations have a system of health care for all to cater for those who cannot pay. Of course the first country wide health care service begun in the United Kingdom in 1948 and was called The National Health Service being the first to be organized and funded by the government.

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