Outdoor Pollutions and Pollen Counts

Outdoor Pollutions and Pollen Counts

Please use the Pollen Counts to protect you from pollution, Pollution can not be the cause of asthma, but it can

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aggravate it. Unless you cover yourself from head to toe there is a way to avoid some outdoor pollutants completely. However, there are common sense measures you can take. When pollution is very high, there will be air quality warnings on television or radio. Tune in and stay indoors when pollution is high.

Do not jog in polluted areas, and if you live in a city and bike to work wearing a mask. If you have asthma or allergies in the workplace, contact your union. If you or your family has asthma, try to avoid living near a busy road or a factory spewing pollutants into the air. Research has found that making shields of paper or clear plastic on the sides of glasses can stop the pollen, the eyes and is much more effective than glasses unedited.

Many people with hay fever are sensitive to strong sunlight and sunglasses are a welcome relief. A Pollen Counts provides scientific data to calculate the average Pollen Counts vital information for the victim of hay fever. The instrument available in the pharmacy per day, seven recording volumetric spore trap. Exercise in moderation can be beneficial and strengthen the lungs.

But it is better not to go jogging in cold and dry. Avoid areas with heavy traffic. During the pollen season, radio stations give details on the Pollen Counts, often with the weather. They will also issue warnings of air quality. Cycling is generally a healthy activity. But heavy traffic, wear a mask to protect your lungs from pollution.

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